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Muslim Girls Names 

Below is a list of a few popular muslim girls names for each letter of the alphabet. It may be that you have a new arrival on the way and as a muslim you want a good muslim name for your baby girl, or it may be that you have recently converted to Islam and you wish to change your name to a good Islamic name.

If the latter is the case it may be worth considering the following 2 points:

1. A person is only supposed to change their name to a muslim name if their current original name is Islamically unnacceptable, for instance if it is blasphemous etc, or it has a generally negative connotation.

2. A person should only change their first name to a muslim name but not their second name, or surname, as the surname is a family name which you are encouraged to keep as a link to your ancestors. This is a very important concept in Islam that you have a strong link with your heritage.

I think these 2 points are worth bearing in mind if you are considering changing your name. Here are some muslim girls names for you along with their meanings for you to peruse:

Aabidah - worshipper
Aabroo - honour, fame, dignity
Adan - paradise, heaven

Bushra - good omen, good news
Basheera - bringer of good tidings, joy
Bahira - dazzling, brilliant, noble lady

Caitlyn - pure beauty
Chadia - gracious
Chessy - at peace

Daiya - caller for Islam
Delisha - to make others happy
Dina - love

Eimaan - faith
Eliza - unique, precious
Emna - believing

Faakirah - elegant, proud
Farkhanda - blessed
Foziah - successful

Gabriella - an angel
Ghalibah - dominant
Gulala - beautiful

Haamidah - one who praises
Hakima - ruler, queen
Hazira - intelligent, wise

Iffah - chaste
Imtiyaz - distinction, mark of honour
Israt - pure and gentle

Jada - gift, present
Jehaan - creative mind
Jessenia - flower

Kanizah - young
Khalida - permanent, immortal
Khulat - love, friend

Labeebah - wise woman
Lateefa - gentle, kind
Lutfana - helper

Marjanah - precious stone
Mona - wish, desire
Muznah - a cloud carrying rain

Namyla - quiet, serious
Nazila - lovely and charming
Nazmin - light

Orzala - bright fire

Pardaj - splendour
Parisa - angels face
Parveen - noble

Qanaat - patience
Qasida - a messenger
Qismat - fate, destiny

Ra - leader
Raani - queen
Rawhiyah - spirituality

Sajiya - attractive
Sarina - peace
shajeeha - brave

Taaiba - repentant
Taqwa - devout
Tisha - active, lively

Umaira - living a long life
Ummid - hope
Uzma - greatest

Vafia - just
Varda - rose

Wafia - faithful, loyal
Waqar - dignity
Washma - cultured

Yafita - saviour
Yamina - happy
Yasmine - flower

Zaafira - victorious
Zara - bright as dawn
Zuhayra - courage